Le ultime sneakers Gucci hanno un design sporco Fare una notizia sui social media


Gucci, one of the world’s top designer brands, is drawing attention on social media for its new vintage sneakers that most of us would simply describe as “dirty.” The Italian luxury label described its off-white sneakers as “vintage” and “old school”, with an “allover distressed effect,” on their official website, gucci.com. And that’s nowhere near the most shocking thing about the latest Gucci sneakers. There’s also the price tag: $790 to $890. Ironically, Gucci’s site also includes strict instructions as to the care of its pre-distressed sneakers, such as how to clean and store them to help maintain the shoe’s shape and color.

Men’s version of these “distressed” sneakers are priced at $870 (Rs 61,870) and women’s version, are available for $790 and $890. For men, the exorbitant ‘dirty’ sneakers come in four design and color variations with stripes on the side and a vintage Gucci logo. While the women’s shoes are off-white and appear to have a battered look and scuff marks. Selling the sneakers, from Gucci’s cruise 2019 collection — complete with intentional scuff marks — for that price has raised eyebrows online, where many just could not get over the cost. As you might imagine, many on Twitter expressed their opinions and confusion, with many saying it seemed a bit ridiculous to purchase a pair of worn-looking sneakers for that much money. Here are some Twitter reactions to Gucci’s latest sneakers design: