#Promote2019: due audaci donne imprenditrici che sfidano le probabilità


ponte Exhibitors are in Promote to boost sales, network or get financial sponsors. Suzanne Aviolat and Pascaline Nenda are two young female entrepreneurs who share the same goal; the quest for sponsors.

Pascaline Nenda, is the CEO of Lamana BLESOLAC, a Cameroonian instant baby cereal enterprise. The Douala-based Entrepreneur began manually producing small quantities of the baby cereal from plantain and sweet potatoe flour in 2017. After 6months of hard work, demand increased , and she recruited 17 workers.

Monthly production of the cereal has scaled to 2tons, at the cost of 10million FRSFCFA, but Mme Nenda says she needs more financial resources to boost production.

” We need to step up production, but finance is a problem. We really need to get machines that process the plantains, wheat and potato. I am confident that I will get a good sponsor at Promote”.

#Promote 2019 : Suzanne Aviolat, in search of sponsors

Fashion designer, and makeup artist , Susanne Aviolat is another female entrepreneur in search of sponsors. The CEO of “SUZACREA” is has clothes, shoes, jewelry, sandals, and even some decoration accessories all made from local materials on exhibition.

The young entrepreneur was inspired by her mother, who was a designer. She has been to exhibitions in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Cote i’voire, and Congo . Her goal is to make her designs affordable to everyone, but she needs financial assistance.

” I want to make my designs affordable to everyone that’s why my prizes are quite affordable. Getting financial assistance will reduce the cost of production and more people will wear “SUZACREA” Designs “.

The two entrepreneurs say business is good at Promote , but only a credible financial sponsor will make things better.

Kathy Neba Sina

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